We’re Mixed

And so it begins.
Brown and White, the web series, is now live and ready for your viewing. To guide you below are some notes about the episode and some production notes in case you’re interested to know how I put this short piece together.

We’re Mixed — Brown and White Episode 1

Show Notes

Series Summary — At a time when matters of race are always in your face, Renato Gandia, a former journalist with several years of experience under his belt, and is now a communications professional, embarks on a new journey with his husband in the world of vlogging. The vlog features the lived experience and personal perspectives of the interracial couple. Aptly called, Brown and White, the new web series explores the joy and pain, opportunities and challenges, lessons learned and path forward of being in an interracial relationship. His husband Boyd, their pet Marley, and Renato, live in Edmonton, Alberta.

Introduction – ( 0:00 – 0:39) Renato introduces the new web series and briefly describes what it is about.

Statistics – (0:40 – 2:28) He presents facts and figures about interracial couples in Canada using information and analyses from:

Interracial relationships: personal perspectives – (2:29 – 2:46 As a number of countries deal with the racial crises involving Black, Indigenous and Person of Colour and the issue of racism on a daily basis, conversations about interracial relationships is timely. 

Can you plan to be in an interracial relationship? – (4:47 – 5:17 Boyd and Renato respond to the question some people have asked them in the past.

Advice to new interracial couples – (5:18 – 6:00) As a couple who has been together for more than 18 years, the pair each give pieces of advice to others starting the adventure of being in a mixed relationship.

Production Notes

  • All footage of Renato and Boyd were shot using iPhone Xs and iPhoneXr. The interviews were shot using two iPhone cameras from different angles. Some of the cutaways were produced through Canva.
  • All editing was done using iMovie for iPhone.
  • Music clips in the episode were sourced from Bensound with additional tune from iMovie.
  • Additional visual assets including photographs and a map of Canada were sourced from Pixabay and Pexels.

Interracial Loves


  1. Renato Gandia

    Hi Laura, Thanks for watching the video. I feel so vulnerable putting it out there at the same time there’s excitement in creating content especially ones that are timely and personal. I hope you and your family are having a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!
    — Renato and Boyd


  2. Kevin Waddell

    Nice idea, and great work!

    I wonder if there’s socio economic lines in the data. The girls have multiple (plus them) biracial classmates in their classes. Five kids of mixed backgrounds in a class of 26 kids is significantly higher than the average,

    Interracial coupling is normal for them to see, which strikes me, because when the kids weren’t in school yet, a store clerk in her late teens awkwardly asked if the girls were “both of yours” (Jan used to get mistaken as the brown nanny). She said she was curious because she had “never met another biracial person.”

    There’s a perception of tolerance in the upper middle class (true or not who knows). I not-so-jokingly commented that when us parents gathered together after school that we looked like a United Colors of Benetton advertisement.


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