Parental units and other extensions

Episode Two

Introduction – (0:00 – 0:14) Boyd makes a call to his mother with Renato also on the call, to greet her Happy Thanksgiving.

Family Introductions (0:15 – 1:23) Boyd and Renato talk about how they introduced each other to their respective families

Are there issues about race? (1:24 – 1:44) – Renato and Boyd explain about being in an interracial relationship and how their families reacted

How are your relationship with your in-laws –(1:45 – 2:25) The couple talks about how they get along with their respective in-laws.

Cultural and religious conflicts? – (2:26 – 2:55) Renato relates some conflicts that arose when he announced he married a man.

Maintain relationship with in-laws? – (2:56 – 2:11) The couple talks about why it’s important to maintain some kind of a relationship with their in-laws.

Production notes

  • All footage of Renato and Boyd were shot using iPhone Xs and iPhoneXr. The interviews were shot using two iPhone cameras from different angles.
  • Some of the cutaways were produced through Canva.
  • All editing was done using iMovie for iPhone.
    Music clips in the episode were sourced from

interracial loves and their families

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