Balut and other food adventures


Introduction – (0:00 – 0:10) Boyd makes it very clear that his Filipino food adventure doesn’t include balut, a delicacy that most Filipinos love.

Diet growing up? (011 – 0:45) Boyd and Renato describe the staple food they grew up on. Boyd grew up in rural Manitoba and Renato in rural Philippines.

When did your diet change? (0:46 – 1:00) Moving out from home and heading to the university and college brought about changes in the kind of food the mixed couple had access to and liked.

What’s your diet like now? (1:01 – 1:35) The couple talk about how their diet has changed a lot and has become much more diverse as they explore food, flavours and different styles of cooking.

Pinoy food? (1:36 –2:13) Boys talks about his foray into Philippine cuisine including both what he likes and dislikes about it.

Influenced each other’s palate? (2:14 – 2:40) Renato talks about how Boyd has influenced his palate and gives example how.

Word of Wisdom (2:41 – 2:58) A mixed home provides more opportunities for food exploration but one has to be open to do it.


All footage of Renato and Boyd were shot using iPhone Xs and iPhoneXr. The interviews were shot using two iPhone cameras from different angles. Some of the cutaways were produced through Canva.

All editing was done using iMovie for MacBook.

Music clips in the episode were sourced from with additional music from iMovie.


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