5 Things to Love About Being a Biracial Couple

Being a biracial couple, people would never mistake us for brothers. That’s one of the tongue-in-cheek comments Boyd gave me when I chatted with him about this episode: 5 Things to Love About Being a Biracial Couple.

He is definitely right. When you look at how different our physical features are, you would not in a million years think that we are biologically related, let alone being siblings. I guess that’s really one of the perks when you and your partner are from different racial backgrounds.

This episode is one of the more fun one to produce. I guess because we have had experience in conceptualizing and producing four earlier videos, we’ve also became more relaxed and at ease talking in front of the camera. We knew what we wanted to say so it the shoot was quick and efficient. This episode follows the 5 Challenges of Being a Biracial Couple, is No. 4.

After this, we are going to evaluate what to do with the blog/vlog. When you’re working full time, when you also have other commitments, and are taking care of yourself so you stay healthy, this kind of project can be challenging to maintain. However, it really is a load of fun.

As per usual I used the music from www.bensound.com

Show Notes

0:00 – 0:30 Introduction – Being in a relationship with someone is a journey, a very special one. You will face heartaches, reap triumphs and experience a whole gamut of emotions.

Now, being in a biracial relationship is a different kind of journey. It’s not better or worse. It’s just different. Let us count the reasons why we love being in a biracial relationship.

0:33 – 0:40 Expansion of cultural experience

0:41 – 0: 47 Deeper appreciation of other cultures

0:48 – 0:52 Sensitivity and empathy for other races

0:53 – 1:00 Exposure to different perspectives

1:01 – 1:03 Friends and families are exposed to diversity

1:04 – 1:08 We’re never confused for being brothers

1:09 – 1: 16 And end of the day, what really matters is that you’ve loved and that you’ve been loved in return.

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