Christmas Card Anonymous

Celebrating the holiday during a pandemic is very rare. Thank goodness it’s not an annual occurrence. Due to the lockdown and other prohibitions, it’s doubly hard and difficult for people.

As I was scrolling through my social media feed a couple of days ago, I found a post on Facebook made by the staff of a senior retirement home. There were photos of residents with a sign that says, “Would you send me a Christmas card?”

Something in me was profoundly moved. I started crying. I was sobbing. My husband, who was having his evening bath, heard me and called out if I were OK. I said I was fine and that I just found something on my social media feed that made me sad. I didn’t even know these people. I didn’t have to.

To make the story short, I searched for my Christmas card stache and reached out to the retirement homes folks. I wanted to send them Christmas cards.

Watch the video and you’ll find out what happened next.

Some notes

I used for music
The video was edited using iMovie for MacBook.

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