Brown and White is a website by Renato and Boyd, an interracial gay couple living in Alberta. This is about their lifestyle, experiences and perspectives as an interracial couple. They’ve been together for 18 years and have been married for nine years. The couple has lived both in Edmonton and Calgary. They currently call Edmonton home with their dog Marley.

A former journalist and currently a senior communications professional, Renato’s training is in theology and philosophy. He’s passionate about photography and fashion and recently discovered he has the patience to learn a new skill when the pandemic forced him to work from home. Not only is he able to make his own mask, he’s now making his own clothes when time permits.

Boyd is passionate about culinary arts. He sometimes says if he has to do it all over again, he’ll get a Ph.D. in the Delicious Potency of Tomatoes, instead of physics. A physicist by trade and a wannabe chef, his penchant for experimenting often yields tasty dinners that Renato plates and present them on his Instagram account like he made them.